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Alexiel [userpic]

[OOC] Characterization gripes+contact thread

December 11th, 2010 (04:47 pm)

current mood: cold

his is here for the benefit of my current Angel Sanctuary characters. Those being:

- Alexiel (againstgod)
- Belial the Mad Hatter (proudbutterfly)

What is this for?

♥ To contact me for something characterization wise you believe iffy and are afraid to tell me so over AIM (Larisa Thessaly) or email (thess.fan.of.hellsing@gmail) concerning any of these three characters alone. Anon or signed up. Comments are to be screened. I'll know and if you want a reply, I'll try to give you that (and unscreened if you want me to). OOCness, stagnant development, inconsistency, unfair info modding, probable godmodding, etc, etc. None of this are done in purpose, but I'm human and I can easily make stupid mistakes. Want to fix them up.

♥ Rl vored me and I'm unable to thread/be active/get you back for a plot! Too of that AIM is just being an ass too. So this will be a message center and heads up! Link me any important stuff I missed.

♥ Cookies?

Alexiel [userpic]

# 265

February 13th, 2010 (08:25 pm)

current location: Firehouse rooftop
current mood: cynical

You should have been my reflection, Setsuna. You or Rosiel
You are my true other-halves.

I know these auras.
Come out to greet. I offer no harm.

Alexiel [userpic]

# 264 [Video/Action]

February 9th, 2010 (05:31 pm)
current location: Xanadu
current mood: enthralled

[ The silhouette emerges from a garden: tall with curly hair, feline eyes, heavy makeup and a exquisite silk gown with a cut to leather garters; she looks like a carved doll with perfect symmetry. Motions like a delicate dancer, each movement fabricates a small seduction. None that Alexiel likes to wear because she'll look too womanly in them, because she doesn't do temptation and those observant would notice that the crest that marks her as Fallen is inversed and branded on her right instead of left breast. Long silk gloves cover the porcelain hands, surely those delicate fingers will never touch a sword: Nanatsusaya is discarded on the ground. Too feminine to play with weapons. There isn't blood in the scene, not a single drop, but scattered white feathers, fallen dead birds and a broken mirror under her heel. If your eye is fast, you can catch a glimpse to of a restless reflection in the mirror fragments, wearing distinctly different clothing. And the woman smiles at the camera and poses. Holding a still living bird squirming on her hands. ]


...Come now, City. Even vermin should have better manners. Wasn't I a Savior once? A Messiah should be given a crown of diamonds and not one of thorns. Unnoticed and forgotten when I should live on the perpetual spotlight.

Tell me in exchange of my blessings~ In exchange of your salvation~ I am not loving? Worthy of worship and the deference in your hearts? Be wise with what you say~

[ With a quick motion, the bird's neck is snapped and it crumbles into dust. She sighs, oh what can a High Angel Reflection do, sweeping on the filth from her clothes. The smile deepens. ]

That answer may be your last. ♥

(ooc; PRETEND the hair in the icons is dark okay and boobs? Otherwise reflection!Alexiel acts a bit like Rosiel-in dressing up in particular (Rosiel has the only seductive/evil icons ;_; and they are twins damn it, they are supposed to look alike, so I'm using him as reflection!pb)-but without the crazy roting, she's just egocentric, heartless and spiteful who wants to be worshiped like God for everything normal!Alexiel has ignored/forgiven/fears to become).

Alexiel [userpic]

# 263 [Open Action]

February 3rd, 2010 (04:51 pm)

current location: Misery Square
current mood: calm

[She doesn't mingle often, favoring the company of the wild nature in the forest or the depths of the sea over a city filled with people.

But Alexiel feels she should walk among them today, in the very same streets they march on, because the Devil's company isn't the only one she should keep. Otherwise he might grow arrogant about her affections. As right he will be, Alexiel is cruel to give Lucifer that satisfaction.

Hooded and draped on a long cloak, she stops by the Carousel.]

Alexiel [userpic]

# 262

January 18th, 2010 (09:49 pm)

current location: Firehouse rooftop
current mood: intrigued

Who has sensed that?
We're introduced to a novelty.

A race, Lucifer.
Idle victory to the first that reaches its limits.

(ooc; Assume this was posted RIGHT after midnight).

Alexiel [userpic]

# 261

January 13th, 2010 (11:05 pm)

current mood: sleepy

[She only falls prey of sleep due to the curse. Alexiel rarely slumbers, she has slept for too long, during lifetimes of the ages of men.

Welcome to Eden. To the lush green, the endless flowers in bloom and its blue skies.

Be careful to not take the ripe fruit from the tall tree that grows at the center. The one with the faces of devious angels smiling at you. A smile full of teeth. Ready to devour you back. At the shade of the branches, sat on a stone throne framed with thorns is Alexiel. Birdsong playing on her strands of hair, lips and fingers dipped on the sweet scent of the Forbidden Fruit.

At her feet, a litter of broken corpses.]

(ooc; Misc nonsense dreams of Heaven, Hell and Assiah if you decide to enter into Alexiel's mind. BEWARE OF ZOMBIE ANGEL EMBRYOS at some point.).

Alexiel [userpic]

# 260

December 17th, 2009 (02:46 pm)

current location: Firehouse rooftop
current mood: calm

The rage of nature.
Mm. It suits this season.

Mister Four Wings. I have moved with Sara Mudou back into th Firehouse.

(ooc; Pretend was earlier! Link ooc!).

Alexiel [userpic]

# 259

December 5th, 2009 (10:26 pm)

current location: Mountain
current mood: amused

A shake in the system. A change of routine.
The horses were against the barrier.

Thread carefully against this place invisible bars.
I have no interest to leave.

Alexiel [userpic]

# 258

I see now that the embers of battle have yet to be extinguished.
Within me, the wish to spill blood cries out. The sight of broken corpses piled beneath my feet. The mountains of death.
I have abandoned that indulgence.

Take your violence to those who can defend against violence.
Struck the weak and the powerless, turn the war into a slaughter, and my sword will be pointed at your direction.

Venture within the woods and the wilderness itself would turn against you.

Alexiel [userpic]

# 257 video;

November 3rd, 2009 (06:09 pm)

current location: Beach
current mood: content

He is happy.
Happy together with the one he loves, with Katan.

There's no regret lingering inside of me any longer.
We won't be apart, Rosiel, even if our spirits are split.

A day of revelation of our barest forms. If you still live in denial of the wrapping shell, mind to meet people's gazes until midnight.
The highest of us could always be aware of what lies within.

Those who are brave, discern what could be found beneath the surface.

[Those who bother catching her eyes will see a puzzle first, fragments of pained bloodied fleeting existences that assemble into one bigger picture. Those who stare longer to endure that sideshow will see a winged woman bathed in a radiant light. The holy light of miracles that transmits warmth and peace into every being who witnesses it. She's blindingly loving underneath the frosty appearance, unresponsive lips and intense look. She's foundations beyond great wars, outside of caged sanctuaries, trespassing reincarnations cycle and forbidden love.]

OOC notesCollapse )

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