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Name Lorena
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Disclaimer: Alexiel and Angel Sanctuary belongs to Kaori Yuki.

Name: Alexiel.
Series: Angel Sanctuary.
Four Walling: Absolutely not. Thanks.
Alias: The Great Organic Angel, the Angel of Death, Angel of Retribution, Warrior Goddess, Beloved Daughter of God, Messiah (though Setsuna is the real one), Savior of Darkness, Rebel, etc.
Age: Unknown (created from the Adam Kadmon at the beginning of her dimension).

Personality-Pre City: Collected, perceptive, compassionate and caring with an encompassing love for all that was created. Alexiel has a strict moral code she attaches fiercely, despising hypocrisy and attempts to control her life. Without her passionate, warrior spark of rebellion, she will fall in a comatose, doll-like depression in which she appears cold and devoid of any emotion. Due to these swings (and her dire, past experiences in which she was forbidden to tell her brother she indeed loved him), Alexiel has difficulties to open her heart to people, coming as aloof, remorseless, cruel and arrogant, or worst, as a stone-hearted puppet. Instead, she chooses more subtle ways to express her deep passion and love in her actions. Thanks to Kurai, Lucifer and her life as Setsuna, she was able to overcome that communication obstacle in the series. Though, it lingers.

Alexiel has a soft spot for children.

She loves bloodshed and the thrill of war, too.

Powers: Prior merging with Rosiel and Adam Kadmon’s lasting efforts in her canon (which will/makes her over YHWH's power level), Alexiel was one of the most powerful creatures there (enough for God feared her to lock her up in Eden). As the great Organic angel alone, she has mastership over the organic matter and four out the five elements (fire, water, earth and wind), representing the “positive” side of Creation (while Rosiel was more of the “negative”). The Organic angel isn’t very good with politics or ruling unlike Rosiel, she’s more battle inclined as she's regarded as the best warrior there (called "Goddess of War"). Her feathers are able to grant natural life and astral power to whoever swallow them (opposite to her brother’s feathers) but that being is left bound to her. Alexiel’s body is doomed to everlasting regeneration, bounding her to a solid existence. Also has access to miracle, great/high/forbidden magic, excels at sealing, time, and a large etc list of her old abilities. The City and her own distaste to rely on her power tamper her abilities, but she’s still a force to reckon with due to her battle experience, wielding the Nanatsusaya (God’s sword that once host the soul of Lucifer and, in the end, destroyed YHWH).


Basic: (Post-Manga ending future) After meeting Lucifer briefly and spent time in the shape of a butterfly, Alexiel returned to her body and retired from her world into the City to find peace and a home for no longer any of the layers of Hell, Heaven or Assiah could comfort her. Now she guards the carousel jealously and is selfishly glad that Rosiel has returned to her side.

Often overwhelmed with memories of her former lives and the growing depression to lack a purpose anymore (or a duty to rebel), Alexiel loves the city colourful atmosphere very much. As birds like their new, shiny cages where they can find everything they need to their immediate reach.

At the beginning of the game, Alexiel was distant, morose and cold. But the interaction with many residents (specially Cain and V), Lucifer’s and Rosiel’s arrivals, made her shed the shell she had carefully grow over eons to be what the devil saw she was during their meeting in Eden. She is opposed to the End of the worlds, because she thinks creatures should be free to decide when they want to end their existences, not an eternal force.

Housing: Cathedral, West Wing.

Alignment: Hero.

Status: Alive.

Relationship Status: Lucifer ♥


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